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5 Best Blue­tooth Speak­ers for Pelo­ton Bike

The Peloton Bike is more than just awesome. The ease with which it lets you access Peloton’s live and on-demand classes straight from the touchscreen tablet is simply brilliant. But it’s not without flaws, and one of the first things that come to the mind is the speakers. The speakers of the Peloton Bike fall on the weaker side. Plus, they face away from the rider, which tends to sour the experience. Thankfully, the bike is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 support, and you can connect wireless Bluetooth earphones as well as speakers to it.

By connecting external Bluetooth speakers, you can bring the gym atmosphere to the indoors. All you need is a quality speaker that produces loud but balanced music. With most Bluetooth speakers bundling a compact look, you can either hang them from the bike’s handle or mount it to your bike’s head tube with the aid of a speaker mount. Alternatively, you can keep it next to the bike.

So, if you are looking for Bluetooth speakers for your Peloton Bike, here are our recommendations.


The compact and the waterproof nature of the speaker means you can also take it out for a spin in the swimming pool or to an outdoor event.

At the same time, the Bluetooth 4.2 version of the Flip 4 pairs perfectly with the Peloton Bike. Simply put in the pairing mode and connect it to the tablet. The Flip 4 packs a rugged design and can stand the test of time. The sound output is clear and loud, and you will love the bass’s grunt when you do your workouts.

A 3000mAH battery powers it, and you can get around 12 hours of playback time with it. If you use to for a couple of hours every day, it should get you throughout a week before needing a top-up. Do note that it doesn’t have a built-in cord or strap to hand it to the handlebars of the bike. You will have to keep it horizontally on a flat surface near your bike.

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The battery life is quite great with up to 15 hours at moderate volumes. As per the folks at SoundGuys, it lives upon to around 12 hours on moderate volumes. On the upside, the Boom 2 comes with gesture control. If you want to pause the music, tap on the top of the speaker.

The sound output is certainly going to please you. So far, the Boom 2 has received an overall rating of 4.4-stars out of 5 on Amazon. Many users appreciated its portability and sound quality.


The highlight of the Oontz Angle 3 is its excellent battery life. At moderate volume, the speaker can last up to 30 hours and can easily last around a week before needing a top-up.

It pairs with the Peloton Bike easily and the clear audio output means that you can hear the voice of your instructor or trainer distinctly. And the loudness of the speaker is the cherry on top. The Bluetooth range of the Oontz Angle 3 is great. However, the audio output may distort a bit on high volumes.


The waterproof fabric covers the front, and the enormous Plus and Minus sign for volume control on the top makes it easy to well, control the volume.

At 9 hours, battery life is strong for a small and portable speaker. The folks at SoundGuys managed to squeeze out about 10 hours of battery juice at 60% volume. At the same time, it’s durable. Reviewers love its sound quality, portability, and the battery life (see JBL Clip 3 vs. UE Roll 2).

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However, the Move is not your typical portable Bluetooth speaker and is bigger than most conventional external speakers like the ones mentioned above. On the upside, you can easily use it as your home speaker. Though it is a tad bigger (and heavier) than most portable speakers, you can carry it outdoor or move it across your house. And the fact that it can remember several devices makes the matter simple.

Though they seem to work seamlessly with Peloton Bike, it does have an issue with the initial pairing process. When using the Move with your bike, you have to be mindful of switching off the other connected devices like your phone and tablet. Otherwise, the speaker will try to pair to the last device it knew automatically.


Listening to your instructor while cycling or to your favorite music while exercising doesn’t just relieve you from boredom but it also helps you distract from bodily awareness. Hence, picking the right piece of audio accessory plays a vital part in your exercise routine.

After all, you wouldn’t want a speaker that doesn’t have a good volume output or has significant lags.