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The annual Consumer Electronics Show offers a window into emerging technology, and this year’s CES 2020 is no exception. Hosted in Las Vegas, many manufacturers in the tech world shared their newest products. Fresh 8K TV models abound as do the latest innovations in smart home technology.


Let’s take a look at a few new products from this year’s CES expected to impact your Internet usage. For instance, new wireless technology from Linksys just might be a gamechanger in-home monitoring. It appears this new decade is going to one filled with ingenuity.

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Linksys’s New Wellness Pods Reveal the Promise of Mesh Networking Tech

Mesh networks are a great way to boost a wireless network throughout a large household. We previously talked about mesh technology, and it’s now truly part of the networking tech mainstream. Linksys’s new Wellness Pods, revealed at CES 2020, takes things to another level.

Of course, any wireless router fills your house with signals attempting to communicate with various devices. Mesh networks increase the number of these radio waves. Detailed analysis of a signal’s varying strength allows for the detection of motion within the house. It’s an approach offering applications in home security and more.

Linksys Aware is a new update to their tri-band mesh router line providing this new functionality. When wireless signals are disrupted by normal household activity, Aware knows where it happened. The company is offering an Aware monitoring service for $2.99 per month.

When combined with the Wellness Pods, Linksys Aware is able to detect breathing and heartbeats. This allows the system to serve as a monitor for infants, elderly family members, and more. Of course, Aware also improves the performance of rich media streaming and smart home interaction. The Wellness Pods are supposed to hit the market later this year. Check out Gizmodo’s article for more details.

TiVo Enters the Streaming Wars

Long known as a DVR device manufacturer, TiVo introduced a new 4K streaming device at CES. An easy to use channel guide and great interface garnered the TiVo Stream 4K a “Best of CES 2020” nomination from Engadget. Expect this new device to be a competitor to Roku, Apple TV, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


The Samsung Q950 Highlights the 8K TV CES Offerings

8K TVs seemed to be all over the place at this year’s CES. The bezel-less Samsung Q950 ruled the roost with its frameless design. Its upscaling capabilities make it an option for current buyers waiting for more 8K content to become available.

Remember, streaming 4K media to one device requires at least 25 Mbps of Internet speed. For 8K, that number doubles to 50 Mbps. Regularly perform a speed test to ensure you get the bandwidth you need!