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Top 7 iPad Split View Not Work­ing Fixes

Split View definitely makes life a whole lot easier on the iPad. The ability to use two apps side-by-side is an absolute game-changer. So obviously, it’s quite frustrating when the split view fails to work properly on the iPad.


Whether you’ve been using Split View for some time or if you are relatively new to using the functionality, there are various reasons — and instances — where multitasking on the iPad falls apart.

If that is the case on your side, run through the fixes below, and you should have whatever qualms with Split View resolved in no time.


Let’s get this out of the way first — not all apps support Split View. The functionality has been around for a while. Certain apps (mostly from third-party developers) are yet to make the leap toward multitasking alongside other apps.

So if an app doesn’t work in Split View, dragging such an app over another will result in the app occupying the entire screen and, on the other hand, dragging an app that supports Split View over an app that doesn’t will only result in Slide Over.

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At times, apps may get stuck after initiating Split View. If this happens, the fastest way to resolve the issue is to force-quit the apps in question.

To do that, bring up the app switcher (swipe up from the bottom of the screen). Next, swipe up the card that contains both Split View apps to force-quit them from memory.


If force-quitting the problematic apps didn’t help resolve the issue, or if you run into other weird visual anomalies upon initiating Split View, then restarting your iPad should likely help you out.

To restart your iPad, hold down the Power button (or the Power button and either Volume buttons on iPads with Face ID functionality), and then perform the Slide to Power Off gesture as prompted.


Your iPad will only support Split View if it runs iOS 9 or higher. While it’s highly likely that you are running a newer version (such as iPadOS a.k.a. iOS 13 at the time of writing), it’s always a great idea to get your iPad updated to the latest version regardless.

Newer iPadOS updates often contain a ton of bug fixes that can help fix core functionalities. If you keep running into persistent issues with Split View failing to function (freezes, crashes, slowdowns, etc.), then updating your iPad is vital.


Updating iPadOS aside, don’t forget to keep your arsenal of apps updated as well. App developers perform various optimizations to improve how apps function in Split View, so having the latest updates installed is always a good idea.

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Split View gestures are often difficult to nail down properly. That is made worse because Apple often changes them slightly, with each major update to the iPad’s operating system. So if you have trouble initiating Split View, perhaps after upgrading from iOS 12 to iPadOS, then here’s how to do that correctly.

Bring up the dock, and then tap and hold the icon of the app that you want to bring up to in Split View for a fraction of a second. Pull it out, and then hold momentarily on either edge of the screen. Release to initiate Split View.


If apps refuse to open in Split View no matter what, then you must ensure that multi-tasking is enabled on your iPad. That isn’t usually the case, but it’s always possible that you or someone else turned it off earlier and then forgot all about it.


Split View is a key functionality that makes the iPad the productive powerhouse that it is. Hopefully, these fixes helped you patch things up. Time to get back to work.